How do you create a passive income ?

In most of our major European cities, living on a single income is becoming increasingly difficult. The only solution to maintaining an interesting lifestyle is, of course, to have a second income, preferably a passive one. Finding the right idea to generate this type of income is, however, quite challenging. If you don't know what to do to increase your income, one of the ideas below may be of interest to you.

Open an OnlyFans channel

Opening an OnlyFans channel has become a popular method of generating passive income. This type of account allows you to share exclusive content with interested subscribers. OnlyFans actually allows content creators from a variety of backgrounds to monetise their audience by offering personalised photos, videos and interactions. 

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The successful creators available at have done the same and are now earning tens of thousands of euros every month. To be successful on OnlyFans, however, you need to create attractive and engaging content, promote your channel and offer special incentives such as discounted subscriptions, etc.

Become an escort

To make ends meet, you could also consider becoming an escort. In the city, many wealthy people often need to be accompanied to special events. These may include social outings, events, trips or intimate rendezvous, depending on the terms agreed.

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As an escort, you will be able to offer your escort services for a fee. To be successful as an escort, you may need to belong to a professional agency. The agency will be able to use its network to attract potential clients on a regular basis.

Doing camshows

If you dream of working in the charm industry, doing camshows is another popular method of generating passive income online. As a cammodel, you interact live with an audience via specialist webcam platforms. 

Camshows can include erotic performances, intimate chats or private sessions depending on viewer preferences. To succeed in this competitive industry, it's essential to maintain a regular presence, invest in good streaming equipment and promote yourself through social networks and other platforms.